A Simple Way To Give Your Gut Time-off

A Simple Way To Give Your Gut Time-off

Yvette Rose on Dec 1st 2021

What would it feel like if your body was feeling light and your mind relaxed?

Bet it would be pretty amazing. We know this because we've experienced this and that is why we put together this little program called Joule Fast. It's got all you need to get you through the day. Everything from organic herbal teas formulated to help the gut heal inflammation to organic meal replacement bars that have all the ingredients you need to satisfy your body and mind, in a healthy way.

The most important thing to understand about science is give it time to play out and be confident you trust the source. That's why many of the weight-loss health program evolve, because time and space teaches us what works and what doesn't. So far, with many decades to support it's findings, fasting seems to be a good source for resetting your guts-microbiota and helping set your body. up for greater health.

The goal of fasting is to give the body time to use stored energy so that when you add calories to your diet, you will instead burn fat. However, some of us need to drive, are taking care of children/elders, are leading important meetings, or simply can't handle not eating at all while getting through the day. In circumstances like that, it's good to know that what you have to eat or drink is actually beneficial to the overall goal, whether it be weight-loss, brain-health, or gut-health.

The simple way of fasting, in our professional and personal experience is by adding specially formulated herbal teas and meal replacement options like our bars.

Give your gut what it needs so that it can get your mind to do what you want.