Top 5 Resources for Brain Health

Top 5 Resources for Brain Health

Yvette Rose on Sep 15th 2021

Ultimately all that's happening around us leads to the most important question, how are you?

Have you checked in on your health status lately? Not just physically, but mentally. Well if you haven't I recommend you do.

Here are a list of my favorite go to's for all things health and wellness. I HIGHLY recommend you check them out and take the surveys, listen to the podcast and maybe even set up an appointment. You are what matters most.

  1. Dr. Carrie Jones - If you aren't following her, I recommend you do @dr.carriejones. She gives great practical advice on hormone health
  2. Dr. Daniel Amen - Brain health expert. He is the world leader in creating optimum brain function
  3. Parsley Health - a medical group that is making your health more personalized
  4. Unbeatable Mind Podcast - the name says it all. They have some great guest sharing great insight for your mindset
  5. Collective Insight Podcast - I am a HUGE fan of their supplements, Qualia for brain health and this podcast is my favorite go to for the latest in total wellbeing.

That's just a few of the many options you have to get to know you and feel supported along the way. If you feel you want more support or need help in understanding the solutions for your concerns, reach out. I am here to help. If you email me your concerns, I'll do my best to answer you within 48hours.

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