Witches vs Goddesses

Witches vs Goddesses

Yvette Rose on Sep 19th 2021

It's that time of year when we start to see witches and goblins as decorations or costumes. For the sake of this post, I am not researching the background of why but rather using my own interpretation of how to tap into the energy that is around us this time of year.

From my own personal studies and interpretations, every place on earth has indigenous people. Most of these "people" or "witches" as they've been called, learned how to use earths medicines and energies to heal and manifest. The "people" or "witches" relied on the elders for their wisdom because the elders were more connected to their inner guides, probably due to the fact that they were getting closer to leaving the human body and shifting into energy. They had already experienced a lifetime of using the rituals and ceremonies and seeing the outcomes. 

As time went on and colonization happened, a lot of these practices were taken over by religion, oppression and chemicals (big pharma). Basically these practices/beliefs/diets slowly took us further away from nature and our own natural intuition, leaving us to rely on chemicals, addictions, and suffering as a way of life.

If my grandma was alive, she would be mortified that I would even state anything that goes against Catholicism. For her, there was no other way than to follow the priest instructions on how to behave in society. What was right and wrong was based on priest, doctors and the law. You never went against it or questioned it. But yet, something inside me always felt as if there was a different way. There was something greater and it wasn't Jesus or God, it was something within me. 

What was it? 

As I grew up and suffered through some painful times and was able to get to the other side of it through my own convictions, I was able to break away from old belief systems, I began to understand what that was. It was energy that was around me and learning how to collaborate to make this energy work for me so that I can create the life I was meant to create during my time on earth. I had lucid dreams, premonitions, and sometimes straight up predictions. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. I could feel when something was off or when something good was coming around. 

Life went on and trauma continued around me, all helping me get even stronger in learning how to conspire with the energy around me. I learned how to use my trauma as my superpowers. And I now work with clients to help them learn how to do the same. We cannot take away the trauma's we've experienced. They have entered our bodies into the cellular level, our blood and helped to mold us into who we become in the world. We have a choice, I have a choice, I can either let it break me or make me. I choose to have my traumas make me. Traumas of addictions, cheating, lying, emotional, sexual and physical abuse all lingered inside of me and molded me, keeping me in the dark until I learned how to manipulate energy to help me get back to my true nature, where I belong, in pure love, pure light. This is still WIP and that is why I use ceremonies and rituals to keep me rising. 

After over 4 decades of living in NYC, the city that doesn't sleep; the city that thrives on moving quickly without looking back, I landed in Malibu. Not just in Malibu, but the canyons. I live in a place that if I didn't drive a few miles, I wouldn't see people. I live in a place that allows me to hear owls, coyotes, and watch eagles and crows flying all around. At night I can see the stars and the moon right from my bed. This got me even closer to knowing how connected we are to nature. 

Like a lot of us, I want to know what is going to happen, future telling. I hated surprises. Like a lot of us, there were times in my life where everything would go wrong, and I could feel that I was carrying energy that didn't' belong to me. And because of my desire to cleanse, control and predict the future, I spent thousands on tarot reading, spiritual cleansing ceremonies and psychic readings. My most recent healing spiritual therapy is Akashic Records. (I've got an amazing woman if you're interested, just leave a message in the comments)

All of this was costing a lot and at times, I wasn't sure about the people I choose, so I began to study yoga, practice meditation, and I participated in ceremonies and healing circles. Ultimately what I came to learn was that I had the ability to heal within me but I needed to trust myself and my ability to conspire with the universe on creating a life filled with joy, health and wealth. At the time I had no idea that the years prior I took to clean out my body with healthy foods, cleanse my mind with mediation and clear away stagnant energy with yoga and running was all to prepare me for the years of darkness that would come, breaking me to the core, leaving me to seek psychological help and energetic help.

We are here to learn how to manipulate energy for the sake of achieving our life's purpose.

Every few weeks, we experience a Full Moon and planets align that affect our moods, our ability to see and communicate clearly, as well as shift in the energy around us giving us an opportunity to stop, connect and feel the messages the universe has for us. These shifts help us to know when to ask for support and when to sit and be and let time and space take its course.

In conclusion, if you are just learning how to do moon ceremonies, manifestations rituals or meditation practices, I highly recommend that you consider your source and then ultimately use your intuition on if it resonates with you. The fact that the information is out there and you somehow got to it, means that it was either to awaken you to what you should be doing or help you create a stronger intuitive connection and use your judgment on how to proceed. Here are some of the steps I take and recommend to my clients to take when tapping into the powers of Moon Ceremonies:

  1. learn what full moon is present. It can be a Pink Moon, a Blue Moon, a Harvest Moon, etc. Then read the scientific (almanac) meaning of this moon
  2. now interpret that meaning into your ceremony. For example: a Blue Moon - doesn't happen often. You've probably heard the term, "Once in a Blue Moon" - well this moon ceremony can be a time for you to do things you would never otherwise do, maybe take a hike, sign up for a run, or self-care practices you don't normally do
  3. sit quietly and watch the moon and stars and allow yourself to truly connect to the earths energy around you. Breathe mindfully, deep long breathes
  4. write. Get your self a journal for your ceremonies and write. Write what you want to surrender, what you want to manifest and anything else you want to share with the energies around you
  5. surrender. Letting go, knowing that you are conspiring with the universe and that even if it hasn't' found it's way to you, know that the universe and the energies around you are working on getting you what you asked for or something greater but only if you're ready, only if it's meant for the highest good of you and that around you. 
  6. Be present. Be still. Trust and Surrender.

Out of all the steps to take in Moon Ceremonies or any manifesting ceremonies, the last one is the hardest. To truly know that the energy around you is working with you, for you and when you feel it isn't you will be directed to someone or something that will help cleanse the energies surrounding you that aren't from pure love and pure light.

It's hard to believe, but it's true. I lived it enough times to know and now I know, without a doubt that my guides, my ancestors are here working together to protect me, to support me and to help me manifest that which I am here to do this lifetime in this human experience. And if I have that support, you have it too

This Goddess Got You.