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Product Description


Teas: JOULE "Energy" TEA, Joule Detox Tea and Joule Adaptogen Tea

Bars: JOULE "Fiery Focus" and JOULE "Earthy Energy" BARS

  • based on biohacking the gut-brain connection to help suppress your appetite
  • teas are formulated with organic herbs known to help detox the gut
  • bars are organic, all natural, gluten free filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • take one box, throw it in your bag and go
  • everything you need until you break your fast with a solid meal in the evening

*Optional: JOULE "Adaptogen" TEA with Hemp

Benefits include

Anti-InflammatoryFewer anxiety symptoms: calming, relaxing, deep soul seeking


Women struggle with feeling "hangry" because of her hormones. To support better hormone balance and insulin sensitivity, we put together a whole new version of fasting for women's health, JOULE FAST. Our organic, gluten-freeteas and bars are all formulated to make sure you feel good, even while you're fasting.

As we continue to learn more and more about the issues women are having with weight gain, especially around the thighs and abdominals, it's becoming more clear, eating less helps you more than just losing weight, it helps you support your bodies systems to function better. It is important to note, your body still needs a balanced amount of fats, amino acids, and minerals to function optimally. Joule Bars offers all of the essential nutrients needed for your optimum health.

JOULE FAST, Mirroring fasting without the anxiety or stress.

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