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Have you been caught up in unhealthy habits, patterns that have lead to you addiction. Triggers and old belief systems getting you feeling sick and tired.

Have you been experience breakouts and/or dark spots, loss of hair or weight gain and stressed

We are all connected. We are energetic beings having a human experience. By looking yourself as both energetic and physical, you can heal.



As we are having this human experience explore the possibilities of healing holistically. Using meditation, nutrition and movement to create a cleansing lifestyle.

Have you been trying to feel better? What if you were able to heal the body through shifts in lifestyle using dietary programming, meditation and movement plans all made to heal the mind through shifts in body all while being able to take healing as a lifestyle and feel confident you understand why your doing it.

You are Goddess Energy.


Before Liver Cleanse Lifestyle: You feel heavy, like you don’t have the energy to move around as easy as you did. Sleeping patterns are interrupted and bloating has been a norm. You’ve been trying to lose the weight but still it just isn’t happening, no matter how little you eat.

After Liver Cleanse Lifestyle : You feel confident in who are, where area and what you are. You understand that a lot of your decisions come from old belief systems that just don't work anymore. You begin to feel good in your body and mind. You finally feel like you ahem tapped into the Goddess within.


Liver Cleansing Lifestyle Gateway Program is offered through pre recorded videos, step by step guides and a downloadable pdf. Journalling, meal planning and movement programs included in this and all modules.


MODULE 1: Learning.

What does living a “Liver Cleansing Lifestyle" and why it's important to learn what it means to live one. Essentially diving into a program that shifts the way you are currently living.


MODULE 2: Creating

What does it take to create a lifestyle that is healing and makes you feel good in your body and mind. How will you integrate it into your current life.


MODULE 3: Prepping

And now the journey begins. Now you gather all the elements you need energetically and physically to start Living a Liver Cleansing Lifestyle through Joule Goddess Gateway Program.



MODULE 4: Healer

Become a healer of your life. Know what it means to break old habits, patterns no longer serving.



A shopping guide Suggestions what ingredients you may need for your program

Downloadable pdf Take your Goddess Gateway Liver Cleanse with you, wherever you go


Working Together 

How can we work together to support you Goddess Energy, your beautiful light?



We love connecting with you and answering your questions about JOULE GODDESS. You can email us directly at to get in touch and we will respond within 48 business hours.


Meet Yvette Rose, Your Gut Healer Holistic Health Practitioner

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