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Teas: JOULE "Energy" TEA, Joule Detox Tea and Joule Adaptogen "brain Health" Tea

Bars: JOULE "Fiery Focus" and JOULE "Earthy Energy" BARS

  • based on biohacking the gut-brain connection to help suppress your appetite
  • teas are formulated with organic herbs known to help detox the gut
  • bars are organic, all natural, gluten free filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • take one box, throw it in your bag and go
  • everything you need until you break your fast with a solid meal in the evening

*Optional: JOULE "Adaptogen" TEA with Hemp

Benefits include

Anti-InflammatoryFewer anxiety symptoms: calming, relaxing, deep soul seeking


About Joule Fast

Joule Fast is a complete Fasting Meal Program that allows the Faster to COMMIT to their goal.  Not all Fasts are the same, and either are the results.  After 12 years of collaborative research among scientists, practitioners, and health coaches. We now are offering you an affordable, portable , rich in nutrients Fasting Meal Program named Joule Fast.  Aimed to target your Insulin (sugar) levels, hormonal levels, and gut health (serotonin’s home) so that you can COMMIT to your Fasting goals, easily on the go; but always with the Support of Joule Goddess.   

Fast right, this Goddess Got You.

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