Joule Goddess


Body health was of the utmost importance to founder Yvette Rose when she learned she was pregnant with her first-born son. But it quickly became mind-health when her son displayed developmental troubles. It was then her journey of learning the crucial relationship between Gut and Mind began, Joule Goddess was born and Joule Bars were developed.

A board certified health coach since 2009. This came after years of being a yoga instructor and personal trainer, noticing how difficult it was for women to lose weight, especially belly fat. 

"Back then I believed it was a combination of diet and exercise today I know it's getting the gut healthier so detoxification happens, inflammation is relieved and the gut is free to connect to the endocrine system and act as our second brain."


Most bars on the market are for athletes, filled with processed proteins mixes, has too much sugar, or made for everyone. 

Women are not the masses, we need food that balances our hormones and helps detoxification. 

On-the-go foods can be disruptive to women’s gut microbiota causing bloat, hormone imbalances and foggy brain. 

A bar can quickly go from an "energy bar" to causing you to feel lethargic and bloated.

That’s why Yvette Rose, Board Certified Holistic Gut Health Coach, took 11+ years to formulate.

Joule Bars are made by a woman for a woman.🧘🏽‍♀️

Joule Bars are 100% natural ingredients with a patent pending formulation and over 9g of natural plant protein in each bar.