Joule Goddess

About Us


We believe in more than providing the purest ingredients, we believe in creating the right conditions for your body-mind health. It’s why after a decade of side by side Physician research we are launching our Joule Bars.  

Body Health was of the utmost importance to founder, Yvette Rose, when she learned she was pregnant with her first-born son.  But that quickly became Mind Health when her son displayed developmental troubles.  It was then her journey of learning the crucial relationship between Gut and Brain began and Joule Goddess was born.



Mother Nature's healing ingredients are provided in one meal, Joule Bars, allowing you to be your most high vibrational self even on the go

There is a need for bars with less filler ingredients that cause inflammation like protein powders and sugars. Joule Bars removes the blockage between you and your most highest vibrational state.

The gut produces 90% of your serotonin – Joule Bar helps to keep your gut healthy in turn serotonin production can happen.

Your tummy tells you more about yourself than even your DNA – Why are we living in a culture who doesn’t feed that?