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This bundle includes:
  • 8-12 Joule Bars
  • Detox Tea Set

This bundle is valued at $109.50, but for a limited time you can get it for $49.95 ! You also get our 30 - day, risk-free, money back guarantee!


Ingredients: *Chia Seed, *Flaxseed, *Sunflower Seeds, *Pumpkin Seeds, *Hemp Seeds, Hulled, Tapioca, MCT Oil*, *Dates, Sea Salt, Goji Berries, *Ginger, *Fennel Seeds, *Cayenne Pepper, *Turmeric.

Weight: 115 grams | 12.5g per serving

Every ingredient is Non-GMO certified, Glyphosate-Free, plant-based and gluten-free. You’ll never find any sweeteners, stevia, artificial flavors, fillers, preservatives or additives.

All of our ingredients are naturally dried to preserve the micronutrients and are tested by third party labs before, during and after production to ensure they are of the highest quality.

We also believe that you should know where your (super)food comes from. That’s why we created a 100% transparent supply chain. We source all of our ingredients directly, we know where they come from and we try to have a positive impact on the local communities where they’re sourced.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Support Your Female Energy With Superfoods

Food can influence your mood, sleep quality, focus, sex life, skin & hair health, weight-management, and cognitive function. Simply put, food is your best friend! Using 6 powerful, superfood ingredients, these female-focused energy bars help to naturally stabilize your mood while bringing a good vibe to your gut!

Chia Seeds

Tiny but powerful, Chia seeds are packed with essential nutrients and plane proteins. Full of Omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, iron, calcium, this ancient seed was originally cultivated by the Aztecs and was believed to provide supernatural powers.

Hemp Seeds

A source of high health, hemp seeds are nutrient-rich power-food full of healthy fats, plant-protein, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc. Derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, these seeds have been proven to help with brain function, weight management, gut-health, and heart disease.

Flax Seeds

A centuries-old superfood for its health benefits, flax seeds are rich in alpa-linolenic acid, a plant based Omega-3 fatty acid linked to reducing inflammation, reducing cholesterol, and helping prevent heart disease, strokes, and tumour growth.

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