Joule Goddess


* Patent pending formulation for gut-mind Health

* improves Hormone health

* Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients To Help Fight Disease

* Repair Rejuvenate The Gut For Less Bloat


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100% Gluten-free

Because gut-health matters and that is why our bars are gluten-free, all natural and good for the gut.


We care about the environment, as much as we care about you so our ingredients are cruelty-free.



On-the-go foods can be disruptive to women’s gut microbiota causing bloat, hormone imbalances and foggy brain. A bar can quickly go from an "energy bar" to causing you to feel lethargic and bloated.

Joule Bars are 100% natural ingredients

Patent pending formulation for gut-brain health

Over 9g of natural plant protein in each bar

Joule Bars are made by a woman for a woman

Each bar contains 8 Brain Nutrients


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Earthy Energy Subscription - Joule Goddess

Lizzie A.


These are my go-to bars for that mid-afternoon snack or “just in case” meal when on the go. They are full of flavor and feel-good energy. No other bar now seems as fresh and well made. I am grateful to have found these and keep my pantry stocked.

Ginger+Cacao Box - Joule Goddess



Caroline P.


I normally hate energy bars. They are too sweet or sticky for me. Goddess bars are not too sweet (just a hint) and have a nice texture with some crunchy seeds in. And they feel light and clean afterwards.

Fiery Focus - Subscription - Joule Goddess

Samantha R.


I'm usually on the go and forget to eat. The size, texture, flavor and razor sharp focus I get from snacking on this bar help me get through to dinner some days.. most days


Our amazing customer

Who We Are

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Fiery Focus - Subscription - Joule GoddessFiery Focus - Subscription - Joule Goddess


Improve Bloating

100% Gluten-free

On-the-Go Nutrition for Women

Free Shipping orders $55+

Earthy Energy Subscription - Joule GoddessEarthy Energy Subscription - Joule Goddess


Improve Bloating

100% Gluten-free

On-the-Go Nutrition for Women

Free Shipping orders $55+


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What are Joule Bars?

The bar market is saturated for sure. But with all the bars out there, none speak to the women's gut-brain health like Joule Bars. That’s why Yvette Rose, Board Certified Holistic Gut Health Coach, took 11+ years to formulate. We believe in creating the right conditions for a woman's body mind health. It’s why after a decade of side by side Physician research we are launching our Joule Bars. Body Health was of the utmost importance to founder Yvette Rose when she learned she was pregnant with her first-born son. But that quickly became Mind Health when her son displayed developmental troubles. It was then her journey of learning the crucial relationship between Gut and Brain began and Joule Goddess was born.

About Our Patent Pending Ingredients

We have Two patented formulations: Gut Booster + Plant Based Seed Protein· Easy digestion – makes it easy for people to begin using/lifestyle· 

Healthy fat + Fiber – release bloat·      

Natural sugars – inflammation fighter·      

Undergoes no preservatives or processing.  

We manufacture them in simplistic traditional ways with the least amount of process

Qualities of pre-biotic and pro-biotics·MCT Oil – Proven to help brain function (bio-hacking)

How Do I Purchase Joule Bars?

Where can I buy Joule Bars?

Online: You can buy Joule Bars directly from our online store or Amazon.

Retail: We are in the early phase of our bars. So thank you for being an innovator! For now, we are going from our home to yours. As we grow, we will be in your local retailers. Exciting!!

Can you send me a sample so I can taste?

Unfortunately, we can't send free samples for first time customers. But, we offer hassle-free returns as well as low cost sampler options on our

Can I cancel my order once it's placed?

Due to our quick turnaround time we are unable to cancel most orders once it is placed.

How Does Your Subscription Plan Work?

You never want to skimp on your health and time will get in the way of making sure you always have a healthy on-the-go meal on hand. That is why we created the subscription model. You pick your mood, Earthy Energy or Fiery Focus, select subscribe and you will get 24 bars every month. It is recommended you eat 2-a day for noticeable result of less bloat and less cravings, boosting metabolism and aiding in digestion.

How to get started.

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